SASSG Inc. Board Election Results

Congratulations to the following after the 2023 A.G.M (Held in Mildura 23/11/2023)

PresidentK James
Vice PresidentT James
SecretaryC Hocking
TreasurerM B Craig

General Committee Members:

Welcome back to a couple of the general committee members and a big welcome to a number of new committee members:

N Pink, M E Craig, E Hocking, A Hensgen, Michelle Moyle. (2023-2024).

A big thank you to the committee members who served with us over the past 12 months and decided not to re-elect. All the best for the future.

A special thank you to those individuals who are not only committee members, but are a big part of running regular SASSG programs, events and functions for SASSG Inc.

Request for Donations

Request for Donations: Monetary or Goods

If you are approached by any individual or group, identifying they are raising money for SASSG in general. Please ask them to produce identification and a letter endorsing them to do so. If they don’t provide these details, SASSG suggest you do not make a donation in any way. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SASSG by calling 0447 112 507 or emailing SASSG at